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Poem for 29 March 2015

Twenty-four years later, I’ve finally figured out what killed my Dad.

It wasn’t the enlarged heart or the hypertension or the hepatitis or the diabetes, 44 more words

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No Shades of Grey in the Hunting Argument

About a month ago I wrote an article, in which I lightly prodded the League Against Cruel Sports about their current stance over Trail Hunting. I thought I’d give it a few weeks to lend a little distance and give me time to mull over the various replies I received in relation to it, but this has only reinforced something I already suspected: You can’t wade into the hunting debate without being on a particular side. 933 more words


Friday, 13th March 2015

A selection of car stickers available from the Countryside Alliance:

Fight Prejudice, Fight the Ban

Scrap the Act

Keep Calm and Carry On Fox-tossing


More foxxy info

The Fox hunting debate is still a source of controversy today in Britain. Although the assistance of hounds whilst hunting has been banned for thirteen years in Scotland and ten years in England and Wales for being “cruel and unnecessary”, former hunters still argue that it is essential for conservation and pest control as well as being an important part of rural culture. 81 more words

Fox Hunting

Fox/Human conflict

The conflicts caused by foxes to humans is relatively minimal and are not very harmful. It appears they often receive the blame for actions they would benefit from, such as spilling rubbish or ripping open bin bags, although it is more likely these crimes perpetrated by domestic cats living in the area as foxes are generally reserved in human centric environments (www.MSPCA.com, 2015). 72 more words

Fox Hunting

Making the rounds

Usually each morning when I come out to the sun porch with my coffee, I see the red fox come creeping up to edge of the yard checking out the activity under the bird feeder. 204 more words