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Another Season in The Abyss???: The 2015 Tyranny of Tradition Baseball Preview Issue

(Last fall, the editorial staff at Tyranny of Tradition received a $100,000 grant from the Arthur Schlichter Foundation For Integrity in Sports in order to cover sports with the passion and zeal with which we cover heavy metal.  1,235 more words

Blithering Sports Fan Prattle

How the BBC went all FOX-like on the Hunting Ban

Last week, as I joined my extended family round the table for Sunday dinner, I entered the high-stakes debate as to what television offerings should gain the endorsement that our collective viewing would no doubt be. 949 more words

Wild Thoughts

Week in Wales - 20 February 2015

It’s half term already in the Assembly so all the political parties tried extra hard this week to generate some news coverage. First up was Welsh Labour, who held their annual Spring Conference in Swansea on Valentine’s Day. 504 more words

The Week In Wales

Hunting Ban 10 years on

Another article in the Guardian.  Surely shooting a fox is less cruel that having it killed by dogs?

The Hunting Act 2004 prohibited hunting with dogs to the extent that dogs can be used to hunt foxes but cannot be used to kill them and must be controlled whilst “a competent person” shoots the fox.   259 more words

Animal Law

Time to Get Positive About the Hunt?

In order to court more readers, I thought I’d confront a contentious and volatile topic. Clickbait, I think they call it. Recently on the same day I came across two videos showing violent assaults taking place at hunts. 1,195 more words


American Foxhound

History: When the first European settlers arrived in the American colonies, some of them brought their hounds with. In the late 1700’s, the descendents of these dogs were bred with imported Irish, English, and French hounds. 493 more words

Foxy Fortnight 2015

No other native British mammal divides opinion as deeply as the red fox. To many, they are beautiful and adaptable animals who provide a connection to the fast disappearing natural world. 59 more words