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Stop The Conservatives From Bringing Back Fox Hunting - Lobby Your MP!

Did any of you read the Conservative manifesto before the General Election? I did (I read the Green, Labour, LibDem and UKIP ones as well) and I was appalled to see that they actually planned to bring back fox hunting if they won. 480 more words


Spring Hunting

This spring we’ve had  short hunting season. We had so much snow on the ground for so long that when it was finally warm enough and dry enough to hunt, neither I nor my horses were in any kind of shape. 348 more words

Fox Hunting

The First Two Weeks of Our New Government

With David Cameron’s ‘Queen’s Speech’ due on Wednesday signalling the official start of the new parliament, here’s just some of the quite frankly insane things we’ve heard the Tories talking about in the 2 WEEKS! 355 more words



I’ve had a growing resentment for the way the Tories have been pulling the wool over so many people’s eyes. For all those people who thought that the Lib Dems had done nothing but roll over whilst in government the truth is already coming out. 113 more words


English Prime minister David Cameron Supports Fox Hunting!

Recently re-elected British Primeminister David Cameron is a supporter of the blood-sport of fox hunting and intends to repeal the ban on the ‘sport’. He not only supports the sport but was once an active member of a local hunt group, so naturally he’s a little biased. 49 more words

The Fox hunting vote and the SNP stance. 

I finally get the Fox hunting SNP debate. There has been lots of anger on Twitter that goes like this…

Nicole Sturgeon meets up with Cameron. 277 more words


Fox hunting could return later this year

The newly elected Conservative government is planning to repeal the fox hunting ban eleven years after its introduction by a Labour government. 198 more words