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The Kali Yuga

Chapter 4 The Kali Yuga

I would like to begin this chapter with an excerpt about the Kali Yuga from the book The Yoga of Power: Tantra, Shakti, and the Secret Way… 2,429 more words

Divine Counterparts

Chapter 3 Divine Counterparts

Our Divine counterpart is created at the same time we develop our own sense of self or ego! We assist each other in this process! 1,712 more words

The Soul

Chapter 2 The Soul

In thinking of the soul the first thing we need to realize is that we originated from the same divine sparks of light and love energy as everything else in the universe. 3,118 more words


Chapter 1 God

In the beginning was God. What does that mean? What or who is God? Does God really exist? There are so many questions surrounding God, and it is not humanly possible to answer them. 2,764 more words


New Beginnings!

Its been quite a while since I last posted and for good reason! My life has been totally and irrevocably turned inside out and upside down! 762 more words

The Fork in the Road a Month Later

It’s been a month since the equinox created a fork in my life’s path and I took it. It still seems like a dream as I am so removed from direct contact with things that are still there but no longer of critical importance. 410 more words

The New Reality

I can’t even begin to assess the new reality that I am now living in because it is in such a state of flux right now. 349 more words