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[in Just-], Deconstructed

Yesterday, I revealed my quarterly art quilt challenge, and as is my usual, this post is about some of the how-to’s.

When trying to think about how to illustrate this poem, I kept thinking of all the pictures I’d taken in Washington DC during cherry blossom season and was thinking that they might work for this.   837 more words


[in Just-], a Four-in-Art Quilt

For those of you who are avid English Paper-Piecers and are new followers, welcome!

#2 in the Literature Series
Quilt #147

Continuing our theme of literature and my personal love of poetry, this is the second in a series of four art quilts for this year, a collaborative effort by the Four-in-Art Quilters, a name chosen because we do four small (12″ square) art quilts per year.   474 more words


Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, a Four-in-art Quilt

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
#1 in the Literature Series
Quilt #142

Moving a different direction, the Four-in-Art quilters have chosen a year-long theme of Literature for this current series, and within that, we each have chosen our own way to think about literature.   794 more words


January's Odds-N-Ends

One of the Christmas gifts I gave was a Snap Bag, which uses lengths of metal measuring tape to keep it closed.  I had wanted to try these snap bags forever, so I bought a cheap-o metal tape measure in 3/4″ size (and also one in 1/2″ size) and went to town.   932 more words


Jazz, Light, Montreal, a Four-in-Art Quilt, November 2014

Jazz, Light, Montreal
#5 in the Urban Series

When the challenge theme was announced, of Light, I started looking and noticing urban light–both that which sheds or projects the light, and that which receives the light.   629 more words


Thinking About Light

The next challenge reveal for our Four-in-Art Group is coming up on November 1st, and I’ve been thinking about the theme and how to interpret it.   187 more words


Deconstruction of Ted and Maurice at Lorinc Pap Ter, an Art Quilt

This post is a deconstruction of the techniques I used to create Ted and Maurice at Lorinc Pap Ter, a small (12″ square) art quilt for the Four-in-Art Quilt group.   1,208 more words