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PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: 'Compromise' Negates Principles

If you embrace the notions of individual rights and liberty and self-governance, then you must embrace and protect the principles and ideals of Natural Law.  This is because these things come only from Natural Law and not from man.  777 more words

Natural Law

LAWLESSNESS IN THE HEADLINES: The Death of the First Amendment

Have you heard?  The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled it is ‘Constitutional’ for our schools to teach Christianity to students.  They are not just teaching about the religion; they are teaching the religion.  675 more words

Natural Law

POP QUIZ: How Many Constitutional Rights?

Here’s a little test for you.  How many Natural Rights does the U.S. Constitution grant to every American citizen?

[Please post your answers in the comments section… 8 more words

Natural Law


I am going to demonstrates that — when it comes to speaking the truth — I am not afraid to grab and hold on to the third rail by saying that… 1,837 more words

Natural Law

PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: Rand and Libertarians Reject the Key Element of Liberty

I have been hard on Glenn Beck on this and especially on my other blog, The OYL.  However, I do not mean to give the impression that I have anything against him, personally.  1,299 more words

Natural Law

LAWLESSNESS IN THE HEADLINES: Obama to Use Executive Orders to End 2nd Amendment

This post is actually tied to the push for ‘Net Neutrality.’  Both are lawless actions, but one demonstrates why the other is being pushed.  First, let’s look at something.  801 more words

Natural Law