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Oath of Secrecy

Background of the American Revolution

In prepartion for war, the members of the Second Continental Congress bind themselves to secrecy.

… and that if any member shall violate this agreement he shall be expelled from this Congress & deemed an enemy to the liberties of America … 364 more words

American History

Theocracy and the Commandments

Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court Roy Moore is in the headlines again, this time for ordering probate judges in the state to disregard Federal Court orders to perform homosexual marriages. 2,906 more words

your opaque words -- a poem

your opaque words, scrawled in a hot summer night across a withering scroll

fill our nostrils,

they fill our collective unconsciousness, our inspirations,

our thought, our existence… 49 more words

Westminster Theological Seminary President: Christians Need to Stand Up in Public Square, Politics to 'Reclaim Judeo-Christian Heritage'

Speaking at Westminster Theological Seminary’s second-ever “Real State of the Union” conference last Saturday, three Christian scholars stressed to attendees that it is time for Christians to faithfully stand up in the public square and reclaim America’s Judeo-Christian heritage from what has become a prominently secular society. 885 more words

Faith Issues In Our Times

The War Against Christianity: The Battle Between the Darkness and the Light

The Christian Post reports that Westminster Theological Seminary President Peter Lillback spoke at the Seminary’s second-ever “Real State of the Union” conference last Saturday, and he hit the nail squarely upon the head… 1,223 more words


Rescuing History

The truth is that the white men and savage Indians could never live in peace in the same land. The Indians wanted the land for hunting grounds; the white people wanted it for farms and ranches.

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