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CoLab: Community Service Cart

Our last project for CoLab was to find out what the community of Alfred is missing and what it values. With that information we were to make a cart that we would bring to a public setting somewhere in Alfred and try to help fill that void and bring awareness to the lacking of that particular value. 436 more words


Enviro sugar daddy money --Just consider this from the early 90s until today--billions

This recent fuss about funding for people who debunk the warmers is hypocrisy. The enviros are flush, the opposition is running on a shoestring. All the advocacy, pr, and research money is going to the lefty greens. 544 more words

Climate Change



Any artists who want their work to be viewed by more people can follow this board and I’ll add you so you can post your own work here as well.


East Side Charter School Rakes In The Bucks In Private Donations

We hear it all the time from the pro-choice charter crowd.  “We don’t get the funding traditional schools get.”  “It’s not fair.”  Wah Wah Wah!  Traditional schools don’t get over a million dollars in contributions through foundations.  132 more words

Family Foundations Academy

Greeks Gone Modern

September 9th was the day Plato was put on trial by the Academy. Students in the Foundations of American Experience classes joined together to relate and debate their ideas against Plato. 231 more words

Megan Bennett

Diversity, Trust, Individualism, & Collectivism

Diversity, Trust, Individualism, & Collectivism

Ted Sallis

822 words

Putnam’s work on diversity revealed that increasing diversity not only lowered levels of between-group trust, but also decreased the levels of trust between individuals of the same group. 809 more words

Western Culture

Four Noble Truths, by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche

Short film (about 6 minutes) on the Four Noble Truths.

The truth of anguish
The truth of the arising of anguish
The truth of the stopping of anguish… 28 more words