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Effecting Change Outside the Law - JOSEPH S. DIEDRICH

What change do you want to see in the world? Maybe you want marijuana to be legal. Or you want to curtail police brutality.  Or perhaps you want to reduce the racial disparity in prisons. 550 more words


Statists Make a Mess of Markets

Government is not well suited to regulate markets in many respects. In the first place, regulation is never absent from free markets: consumers, competitors, technology and all factors of production such as labor ultimately represent a network of forces that regulate market outcomes. 347 more words


Paz y felicidad con prosperidad

Una actitud positiva hacia el emprendimiento y una apreciación de su valor social es esencial para progresar, tanto en Japón como en Guatemala.

En el lejano Japón, un empresario vuelto filósofo descubrió por su propia cuenta que la paz social es resultado directo de un ordenamiento económico que permite a las personas prosperar mediante el trabajo honesto. 576 more words


The Truth About the Minimum Wage

From the Foundation for Economic Education: People don’t like to think that anyone’s labor is worth less than the minimum wage. Someone might end up flipping burgers for $5.00 an hour. 709 more words

Barack Obama

Rhett Butler and the War on Drugs

Prohibiting the consumption of any good is always likely to have undesirable effects. One typically unintended consequence is the tendency for less costly varieties of the good to disappear in favor of expensive variants, which provide rewards to suppliers that better compensate for the legal risks inherent in their trade. 158 more words


A market is a place where individuals can meet to cooperatively interact, voluntarily, as individuals. The Market is the same. It simply facilitates the cooperative actions of individuals. 378 more words


Working Together for the Common Good

Working Together for the  Common Good

Recently we attended a two day meeting of the Montana Board of Education in Helena. In the audience on the first day we were the only two people who were not government employees. 1,020 more words