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Week 0: GSoC'15: Vala/ genie wrestle, Example fixing and Welcome packs.


The first week of Google Summer of Code came to an end. This week hadn’t been much of coding, but a decent amount of reading docs, understanding codebase and of course, enjoying the welcome gifts (and my first stipend!). 243 more words


My First Memcache – Working with Python session state from a .NET background

As a web developer it’s important to know about the different methods for preserving state available to you and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Speed of access, security, transmission costs, data size, volatility and shared access across web front ends are the types of things that need to be considered when deciding where parts of your session and state will be stored. 896 more words


Understanding FOSS

So, I’m hooked up with Quora these days.  I came across this question,

“How can I understand the idea of the Open Source movement better? – I want to know what motivated you to move to using Open Source-d technologies, Open Source-d stacks, and anything Open Source related ?Also, I want to understand how the Open Source community works, and why, as a CS student, should I at least be familiar with the idea of Open Source.”

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Ubuntu වලට Eclipse install කරගන්නේ මෙහෙමයි

Eclipse කියන්නේ development වලදී use කරන ප්‍රධානම IDE වලින් එකක්. මේ වෙද්දී release වෙලා තියන අලුත්ම eclipse version එක තමයි Luna. මේකේ Java SE වගේම Java EE version එකකුත් තියනවා.   157 more words


Elementary OS Install කරාට පස්සේ ....

Elementary OS ගැන කලින් කරපු හැඳින්වීමට පස්සේ ගොඩක් දෙනෙක් මේ OS එක try කරලා බලලා තිබුනා. කලින් කරපු හැඳින්වීම මෙතනින් බලන්න පුළුවන්. ගොඩක් දේවල් අහලා තිබුනා. 300 more words



Nei, ‘Rjukandefoss’ har lite med Rjukan å gjøre. Den ligger godt gjemt i Hemsedal og kan ikke ses fra veien! Her kommer vannet inn fra tre sider og ender i en stor høl. 117 more words


GSoC 2015

Great news !

I’ve been selected for the prestigious Google Summer of Code this year ! For a few months starting now I’ll be working on a Newsletter extension with amazing developers from the Wikimedia Foundation. 199 more words