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Fort Portal Updates

Catherine writes:

Fort Portal continues to be on top of our list of places that are most underrated in Uganda.One could easily spend a week there. 111 more words


Esuubi Café, near Mityana

Simon Eyre, a trustee for the UK Charity Esuubi (www.esuubi.org.uk), writes:

A new much needed facility has been opened along the long road from Kampala to Fort Portal situated on the right of the side of the road 3 Km west of Mityana town. 313 more words


Tea Tourism in Uganda

Tea Tourism is a new emerging niche market in the tea industry. Like wine, coffee and micro-brew tours, people are obsessed with traveling back to the point of origin of their favorite beverage.   712 more words


At the gate if Parnassus, April 2015

An invitation received for a discovery of emotions
A road waiting for experiences, without an agenda
I seize this adventure with all my devotion
Surfing the muddy road on the back of a bodda… 123 more words

At The Gate Of Parnassus

Easter in Fort Portal

The one downside to living in Gulu is that it makes travelling to other areas of Uganda very difficult.  If you look on a map you will notice that I am located in the middle of nowhere, 6 (realistically 7 or 8) hours from Kampala by bus…which only stops once for a bathroom break by the way.  665 more words


Christmas Day

So what is different about a Christmas day in Uganda?  Well, apart from the obvious answer of ‘its hot’, the answer is not that much actually.   436 more words

Fort Portal

Biscuits and Gravy

Over thanksgiving a long conversation was had over what biscuits and gravy (American Deep South style) actually were.  So this morning, partly as a send off before Destiny, Doug and the kids head back to America, and partly to satisfy our curiosity we had them, along with the American couple who are looking after their hours and Jon, Jen and the kids over to ours for a huge breakfast.   40 more words

Fort Portal