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Checking for Understanding ~ Dozens of ideas and strategies

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What are the best ways to check for understanding? Below are two articles with strategies to keep your assessment checks fresh and engaging. 387 more words

Teaching Strategies

Ed Tech Lesson Plan Ideas to Revamp your Lessons Over Summer!

We’re coming up on the end of the school year (at least for the majority of schools who have not moved to year round classrooms for K-12). 376 more words


Technology - An Assessment Time Saver

By: Abby

When I think back to my own experience with technology in school, it’s incredible how quickly classroom technology developed into what it is today!   557 more words


Charlotte's Web Unit and P3

Charlotte’s Web Unit

P3 – Practice Standards-Based Assessment

I interpret this standard to mean that the teacher candidates aligns subject area to Common Core State Standards with formative and summative assessment strategies in order to monitor and improve instruction {1}. 472 more words


Providing Students with Positive Failure Feedback

I have written in the past about the importance of making failure okay, and indeed par for the course, in education. The fact that games make failure normal, acceptable, and even fun is one of the many aspects of play that has drawn me to game-based learning, gamification, and gameful teaching/learning. 1,059 more words

Instructional Design

punctuating and paragraphing with purpose through inquiry

looking across a piece of student writing that has limited punctuation and few or no paragraphs can make writing difficult to understand even if the content and ideas are strong. 647 more words


Formative assessment and self-regulated learning

Formative assessment is not something that happens to learners after they have completed a learning activity. Rather, it is an ongoing, collaborative activity that supports students’ attempts to regulate their learning. 2,474 more words