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Connecting Factors and Zeros

NCTM’s Principles to Actions suggests Mathematics Teaching Practices for teachers. Two of those are the following.

MTP 1 Establish mathematics goals to focus learning

MTP 6 Build procedural fluency from conceptual understanding… 638 more words

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Android Tablets in 2nd Grade - Pear Deck

I am always looking for new ways to use formative assessment in my classroom, so I was excited when I was introduced to Pear Deck… 329 more words


Formative Assessments and Technology

Formative Assessments.  That sure is a buzz word in the world of education today.  How can we check to see if our students are understanding what we want them to learn?   262 more words


Are we preparing our students for the future we wanted or the one they will own?

This post started a while ago, when a few observations around 21st century learning began to align around the question of the why. There are many great posts to support changing our educational system from the 18th/19th century institutional model to a more flexible, personalized and individual system of learning beyond traditional boundaries, but isn’t one of those posts. 211 more words

Personalised Learning

Assessment for Learning in an online environment

At Don College we have made assessment for learning as defined by Dylan Wiliam a PD priority this year. As a teacher who makes extensive use of online content I found that many of the techniques described were not easy to apply directly to my classroom (which is a computer lab). 1,450 more words

Learning Design

TL Standard 11

In the beginning of my teaching career I felt pretty comfortable in my knowledge of assessments. I also had experience teaching with a standards-based instruction during all of my practicum work and student teaching experiences. 1,036 more words

11: Utilize Formative And Summative Assessment In A Standards Based Environment

Utilizing Formative & Summative Assessment in a Standards-Based Environment - Standard 11

Teacher leadership standard 11 reports that a teacher leader is to utilize formative and summative assessment in a standards-based environment. Initially, I thought this standard and Standards-Based Assessment course EDU 6613 would present little challenge to my present practice. 1,706 more words