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ik 40 March 2015 wp

ik 40
for 3.4 March 2015

hold your tongue, listen
if words must escape your lips
let compliments flow

nod in calm understanding
be agreeable and kind… 106 more words


rust. wilt.

“i give myself five days to forget you.
on the first day i rust.
on the second i wilt.
on the third day i sit with friends but i think about your tongue. 84 more words


In my room

Everyone carries a room around.

It waits to have the walls painted, windows open, floor cleaned and then furnished. Sometimes it takes the shape of a toilet where all that’s done is release of the waste. 243 more words


A day like today
Joyfully warm sunny day
Winter forgotten


New Video: Marina And The Diamonds - Forget

Her album Froot will be released next week. If you like what you hear or see, then go and support it.


Video : Marina and The Diamonds - Forget

Marina and the Diamonds seems to be going for a duplicity concept in there latest video, ‘Forget‘. On one side of the rotating stage we have Marina looking all seductive, dressed in black and on the other side an angelic looking Marina is joined by a band and dressed in white. 61 more words


Forget It

At least you gave me words

At least you gave me poetry

At least I got some pretty verse

From what you were to me. 24 more words

Freshman Year