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Two Trailer Safari, bruh

It’s a story about one mother and one son. A country divides them. Surfing unites them. Then love also unites them. Love for each other, obviously, but they also have their own love interests. 307 more words


The Forger Trailer, Starring John Travolta

An art forger makes a deal with a crime syndicate to steal a painting from a museum and replace it with a replica.

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follow the sun (forget him)

I will follow the sun until I forget him
until there is not a single trace
until these eyes and fingers
forget the outline of his face… 83 more words

That's The Way Love Is..


Calamity scrawled
inside my skull

populated thoughts
with forger’s intent

vacant introspection.


Caveat Emptor by Ken Perenyi

Caveat Emptor by Ken Perenyi

Caveat Emptor by Ken Perenyi is a wonderful autobiography by this self-taught artist that became one of the most prolific forgers of fine paintings by the great masters of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. 178 more words

Art & Craft- A Documentary Film

I absolutely love seeing movies, it’s one of my favorite things, I’ve always been a huge movie buff. However, I have been resistant about seeing art films and documentaries. 678 more words