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May God gunge you

When you’re learning and living a new language, sometimes you discover beautiful words. I’m talking about a word for which the beauty lies in the concept it represents, a concept that’s not represented in your mother-tongue, causing it to strike you and grab your attention. 869 more words

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“Don’t be so scare, man,” says the boy.

“Oh, you know them?”

No, he doesn’t.

Short men. Weary by the look of them. Dressed for winter and construction, the first two trudge up the road, minding their backs and peering about at the buildings. 106 more words


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“Ba,” says the kid for the who knows how manyeth time because his diseased father is playing hard to get. The old man doesn’t move fast but he resists being led inside and the kid won’t use any force. 268 more words


The Wedding Invitation: A Curious Letter Comes to Town

I’ve been checking the post office every week or so. I take a van 15 minutes into town, do some errands, and pop my head in. 993 more words

My Darling is a Foreigner

Inspired by Saori Oguri’s ダーリンは外国人 

Darling #1

It was quite romantic how I first met him. When I tell the story it sounds like something out of a Hollywood mafia or Romeo and Juliet movie. 597 more words

La Vie En Rose

Why passports are a disadvantage in South Africa

Since I arrived in South Africa in 2005 I’ve found that doing any dealings with banks, western union, letting agents, Insurance companies, furniture shops, post offices, security guards at most Johannesburg residential complexes and DHL (by DHL I mean all shipping companies) always leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth. 790 more words


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Bob lets his hammer hand down. In the gloom, he straightens up, shaking out his arms, one of them still captured, and does his best to imagine he is alone. 331 more words