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Page 106 – rewrite

Bob eats. It’s a restaurant, he can eat. He takes a mouthful and chews. Chifan mei you he asks her. Not loudly nor very clearly. … 162 more words


Page 106

Cymbals. And a drum. And the whine of a horn. People in paper coats. They move in train by the doors.

People collecting for public purpose, the presence of the ceremonial elements. 460 more words


Hate my job Hate my life Hate Japan

I guess saying that I hate such and such is quite extreme. Hate is a strong word, and I try not to think about the things I hate even dislike or even want to complain about. 485 more words


The washing machine shrunk my shirt! Yeah, that's it.

Doctors. Friends. Family. Girlfriends. Billboards. Commercials. Random people on the street.

All people who have attempted to get me to lose weight.

This may surprise people who know me in 2015, but I was once a skinny kid. 620 more words

Concert Review

11 Times I Proved I'm Definitely Not From Australia

I’ve been in Australia for almost a month now (HOLY BALLS, RIGHT?!), and that means I’m a fully certified AUSSIE! Not. In fact, I have to laugh every now and then when my actions pretty much scream I’M A FOREIGNER! 1,367 more words