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Guest Post: Top resources to Learn Chinese

Hi all, once again I have a great infographic from Learn Mandarin Now. I remember when I was asked about my top resources and I am glad my feedback was used for this work. 236 more words

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5 Times You Realize You’re Not Really Fluent in a Foreign Language

You could end up with a diploma or certificate of fluency in a foreign language, only to visit a country where the language is spoken and realize that you’re only… 582 more words


Photo Archive: "Ravens May Bite!" Tower of London, London, c.2007.

To quote from my  trusty Ladybird book, “Discovering The Tower of London“, “The ravens are certainly the most important residence of the Tower of London, for – as the story goes – if they ever leave, the Tower will fall and England with it. 218 more words

Photo Archive.

4 tips for casual conversations with native English speakers

Most native English speakers are helpful, friendly people that want to help non-native learners and travelers whenever they can. But its important to remember two things when speaking with them. 331 more words