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7 Reasons Why You're Not Reaching Your Foreign Language Learning Goals

Language acquisition and learning are subjects that I’m interested in.

Over the years, I’ve worked very hard to acquire knowledge a detailed knowledge several foreign languages.   1,736 more words


New Accumulator Test for Excel-based Vocabulary Learning Tool

I have added a new “Accumulator” test to Vocab Book, the Excel-based vocabulary learning tool I wrote last year. The new test simulates a tried and tested learning method: Imagine a vocab book in two columns with English words or phrases on the left and their target language translations on the right. 135 more words

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From zero to six in ten years…

One of the first things the pediatrician pointed to was Simon’s lack of speech. He was a year old, and while he’d babble, for the most part he just pointed at things he wanted. 428 more words


Learn Italian vocabulary with Knotty Translations – Word #16 is Rosso

Seventeenth installment of my YouTube course to learn Italian vocabulary. Today we talk about colours, check out the notes on the video to see which ones change according to gender and number, which ones only according to number, and which ones do not vary.

Enjoy it and share it!!!


The Importance of Being Mathematic

Oh, my goodness, my beautiful daughter, I need to let you know a little secret of mine. Only those closest to me know of my inner, deepest struggles with this. 804 more words