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Love Letters to me, Two

Dear me,

Right now you, in the back of your mind, believe to some extent, that he is your world. Even though you have discovered he lied to you for months, you still believe him to be amazing. 198 more words


Love Letters to Me

Dear me,

I know you’re lost and confused. And that sadness is becoming heavy in your throat. And you just keep running your mouth on this blog because the words can pour out. 220 more words



It’s all in my head.
Eyelashes flutter
Crescent moon hips grinding me against the tiled wall
Bodies swaying to a secret rhythm
It’s all in my head. 144 more words


Present at the Health Ministries Association Conference! Deadline 3/30!

Have you ever considered presenting a poster or workshop about faith community nursing or health ministry at a conference?

CC by 2.0 Licensed 249 more words
Faith Community Nursing

The Struggles of Everyday Life. Period.

Blogging seems easy, but I can tell you from personal experience, that it is NOT.

You might wonder what I know about blogging, and I can tell you all I know from my time on Tumblr, but I am now here to relate with all the other human beings who don’t use Tumblr. 417 more words


You may not have all the answers, but neither do the others. Live your life the best way you know how one step at a time, one day at a time.



We flow like water

Effortlessly toward the endless ocean

You lay back

Embracing the tides carrying us out to sea

I’ve always envied your playful charm… 105 more words