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Dear Boys,

You have awesome grand parents. Period.

For your dad, he never knew his grand parents, both maternal and paternal. They died before I knew about them. 731 more words

For The Boys!

Wayne's little insecurity

Dear Wayne,

Watching you develop as our youngest family member can be very endearing and frustrating at the same time. You have a very light frame, very much like you dad. 506 more words

For The Boys!

Fuck Boy: An Original Poem.

The party isn’t over until he’s ready to go home

Although he might not aim high, he rarely sleeps alone.

He doesn’t make promises, he’ll never tell a lie… 276 more words


Angry Bird Park-An Adventure awaits!

Dear Boys,

What an adventurous Sunday we had! We decided to head to Johore Bahru to check out Angry Bird Activity Park, with your grand parents tagging along! 1,023 more words

For The Boys!

Collective Idiocy-Army story

Dear Boys,

I want to share a story about ‘collective idiocy’ that involved your father.

When I was an Army recruit, my training camp was back in Pulau Tekong and when it was time for us to book in, we have to find our own way back to Commando Jetty. 238 more words

For The Boys!

Yesterday is always better/worse

Your future and my past is very different

Dear Boys,

In your lifetime, you will certainly hear this from other people, and it usually goes something like:

484 more words
For The Boys!

For The Boys - Father's Day Cards

Hi Everyone!

I made two Father’s Day cards yesterday (one with the help of my husband and my 2 and 6 year old for my father-in-law). 324 more words