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It costs nothing to click, respond and retweet. But what price do we pay in our relationships and our peace of mind?

How many other things are you doing right now while you’re reading this piece? 2,130 more words

For The Benefit Of Mankind


I’m so amazing even I’ve grown suspicious of myself.

If I knew I would grow up to be such a brilliant and majestic super-being…

I would have bought more corduroy pants back when they were on sale.


The Ultimate Comeback: Bringing the Dead Back to Life

A radical procedure that involves replacing a patient’s blood with cold salt water could retrieve people from the brink of death, says David Robson.

“When you are at 10C, with no brain activity, no heartbeat, no blood – everyone would agree that you’re dead,” says Peter Rhee at the University of Arizona, Tucson. 1,859 more words

For The Benefit Of Mankind

Be The Hope Everyone Needs

Be a man who saves friend and foe alike, and soon you won’t have many foes.

When people see you they should smile and know the cavalry has arrived. 15 more words

For The Benefit Of Mankind

Moon Phases

Great for knowing when to break out the telescope and when to keep an eye out for werewolves.

For The Benefit Of Mankind

Open the Door

Doors are not walls. They are meant to be opened.

The keys are either curiosity, desperation, or bravery.

Go with bravery and explore your opportunities.

For The Benefit Of Mankind