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Omar Khadr's humanity must inspire ours

This is the monster our government worked so hard to protect us from?

Affable, polite, gracious, Omar Khadr’s first public appearance defied the expectations of the many Canadians that viewed him as a security threat and thought he never should have been returned from Gitmo to Canada, let alone released from jail, according to a 2012 poll. 436 more words


One-Shot Review: Raising Steam

Today, we take a look at the 40th Discworld novel, Raising Steam by Sir Terry Pratchett, and I try not to get too weepy. 743 more words

One Shot Review

Read: Ship of Theseus by V.M. Straka ( a.k.a. S. by J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst)

SPOILER: V.M. Staka didn’t actually write this book. However, once out of the packaging, it’s impossible to discern the true authors. Abrams and Dorst executed an amazing novel that must by read in print and encapsulates the true joy of the tactile reading experience. 1,175 more words

A minority government — any minority government — is the shakeup Albertans need

The best way for Albertans to wake up Wednesday morning isn’t to an NDP government or a Wildrose government. And, despite what five multimillionaires say, it isn’t a Progressive Conservative government, either. 379 more words

2015 Alberta Election

Unfit Bits

I know editing is a part of writing, but ninety percent of the time I’m throwing a fit while I do it. But I like the joke!! 980 more words

Silly Stuff

Time for Edmonton get rid of its anti-renter prejudice

Two weeks ago, city council approved zoning bylaws that would allow for skinny homes and garage suites. It came after much debate, both in chambers and the public forum, and the same mature community residents fixated on the possibility of a rental suite in their back alleys. 512 more words