Toe Nail Colors

               What are some of your favorite polish colors on a woman’s toes?

My personal favorites are; red, black, hot pink, baby blue & lavender


the beginning of it all

I was first introduced to foot fetishism from Patrick, who is a former boyfriend and great friend of mine. One of the first few times we had sex, I actually remember it like it was yesterday, he grabbed my leg and ankle eventually and put my toes in his mouth, so gently, I remember staring at him in complete awe, wondering what he was doing, and thinking to myself ‘well this feels amazing’, he explained his foot fetish, and I accepted it 100%, I thought it was sexy and enjoyed the feeling myself. 175 more words


leaden feet

my feet have minds

of their own 

- lives and souls

stirring feelings 

that creep

rippling effects 

that seen

are an obvious… 55 more words



So I saw the owner of velvetsoles today. She’s really nice and in a good mood fit having had a horrible day. Someone hit her car and drove off. 60 more words


Shoe Store Creepers.

Our mom, in addition to an amazing ability to spin a yarn, also is blessed with great feet. Don’t believe me? Just ask a foot fetish weirdo! 512 more words


Working for VelvetSoles.com

Well I’m working for VelvetSoles.com.

Its pretty fun and its not “typical” porn so I’m excited. It is pretty funny taking pictures of girls feet and getting paid for it too. 6 more words


Maybe I would have rocked at foot sluttery

I’ve been fired on very few occasions, sometimes my fault, sometimes it was good ole fashioned office bitchery and politics. One of those times when I was unemployed back in my early 20s, no money socked away, no place to “move back to” if I didn’t come up with rent money and with limited resources at my disposal, I did what everyone was doing back in the day. 1,851 more words