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Toxic. Poison. Addiction.

Three words to describe what we share.

It is my fault I guess,

That I am attached to all of you, your hair, 120 more words

Foresee Dangers and Avoid Them

One cannot make a foolish person have sense. You’ve probably heard the phrase “knock some sense into you”. No matter how much a person figuratively ‘knocks’ someone else with sense, the person on the receiving end won’t have any more sense or wit to them. 93 more words


Flashcard Poetry #3

Once upon a distant time
An eternally bright star forgot to shine
It spun and burned as before
But did not illuminate anymore
What it let out no longer warmed but cooled… 6 more words

This quote to me is my favorite because it happens a lot in life. For example, if you’re taking a test and you’re doing a bad job and then someones so desperate that they copy you or if someone was acting like a clown and got in trouble a lot and you decided to hang out with him, then now you are the fool who follows the first fool.

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Quotes We Love!

April Fool's Day

April Fool’s Day

April fool’s day takes place once annually on April the first. The purpose of April fool;s is to promote a light-heart approach to a friend neighbor or even a family member. 70 more words

Washington Congresswoman Called Out for Parking Like A Fool

Here at You Park Like A Fool we limit the shaming of foolish parkers by blocking out their license plates and by keeping people generally anonymous.   86 more words

Bad Parking

You're not funny

I was hanging out with a thought this morning… Laughing is such a good time. Regardless of how “serious” a situation is or how angry and emotional I get, I can usually find a way to laugh if I look for it. 893 more words