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Message to my stalker.

You just cannot say nothing, can you? You fool.

Another Hurt, Another Pain = Blindness to Love

Well so far this weekend as been very enjoyable. Currently sat at boat festival on the grass enjoying the music, the drink, the sun and the company. 724 more words

Wrong Perception.

Tears on my pillow,

Blood on the floor,

And then he says,

He loves me more.

A weird sense of love,

Does my darling maintain, 138 more words

Late Night Musings

Heavenly Sagacity.

Once upon a time,

A glance to the heavenly twinkles,

Would bring to me his outline,

His disheveled hair

And dark eyes

That crinkled at the sides when he laughed. 99 more words

Late Night Musings

The Fool Who Continues To Love

Who am I?

I am a fool;
Who knows not that electricity shocks him
Nor that the knife cuts him
Nor do I know that love is… 63 more words



I’m tired of tricking myself into thinking
that what I’m doing will result in anything other than
crushing defeat shattering disappointment failure
Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, three times, every time… 18 more words



the only person you can fool all the time is you