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First Foodstagrams, Now Gymstagrams. Enough Already

I can’t be the only person to admit that I am totally exhausted by the mass amount of gymstagramming going on right now. Every single morning when I wake up, turn on my phone and scroll through the latest Instagram activity, I’m inundated with videos and images of celebs and their latest ‘gym sesh’.  683 more words


Series: Flying or Sinking

Hot or Not, Yes or No, call it what you want to. I’m opting to name my new series Flying or Sinking, simply because ‘it’ trends waver and disappear so quickly and drastically that I think it’s entirely appropriate. 643 more words


Hobson's Choice: The Improvising Cook's Essentials

If you’re going to give this approach to cookery a go then there are some basic ingredients you should equip yourself with in order to maximise the odds of your newly concocted meal being a sumptuous treat. 447 more words


Hobson's Choice: The Magic of Limited Ingredients

“A Hobson’s choice is a free choice in which only one option is offered. As a person may refuse to take that option, the choice is therefore between taking the option or not; “take it or leave it”. 688 more words


#Foodstagram: Ultimate Meatball Sandwich

Readers, as you may or may not know I have been curating a food Instagram account for a while now, @foodie_creations. Its basically a collection of photos I have taken of food throughout Sydney. 82 more words


Week (11) of cakes and the foodstagram diet!

Last week promised healthy goodness and a happy chocolate buzz with the appearance of easy no-bake heavenly cocoa bites and slices!!!  And there was a healthy tart with some rather adventurous flavours:  … 492 more words

Cake News And Fun

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