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13 Struggles Of Dating A 'Foodie' (But You Realize It's Totally Worth It In The End)

I’m dating a self-proclaimed foodie. When we first met I shrugged it off thinking she was just one of those people who took pictures of their mundane food plates during meals. 1,620 more words

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They are not all true! Oh well, okay, most of them... :") Especially number 11! 11. “I can’t wait to go on our vacation! There is a great place to eat here for breakfast and oooh they say this place is good for lunch… SO MANY PLACES! HONEY I DO NOT KNOW WHICH TO TRY FIRST… I’m panicking.” Planning a vacation is the scariest thing you can do with a foodie because you’ll spend hours drawing maps to figure out the food places to hit up first.

Melting Pot of Hobbies Can Be Delicious

Many people ask me what it is that I’m particularly good at or what skills do I have that stand out from most.  I always wonder because I’m not what you would call your typical Information Science student. 1,134 more words


Back In Business

Due to a malfunctioning screen, I have been unable to post a darn thing for goodness-knows-how-long. Luckily that’s all fixed up, so now you’re gettin’ overloaded. 453 more words


My Comfort Food and All Time Favourite - Pepper Rasam

I have loved food from a very young age. To this day, the best bribe anyone can give me is a good meal or some particular food item that I like. 687 more words


Ice Cream to Take Down the Best of the US

We stumbled upon Murphy’s on one of our last days in Dublin, and what a blessing it was. This ice cream can out-shine any ice cream from the states. 86 more words


Donut FT @ The Cellar (Evanston, IL)

First sight: The trio span into view alongside a tiny pot for syrup and fruit bowl. I could tell from the fanciness of the presentation that this was the real deal. 385 more words

French Toast