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I love my husband

I have to say that I love my husband. I really do. He is a pain like most husbands are, but most of the time he is worth it. 551 more words

Food Love

Experience of the day - Food diaries <3 =D

With every passing day food is turning into the epic love of my life, its like it is chasing┬áme everywhere i go and deserts….am just smitten by you, everywhere i go, i need you to be beside me, sounds totally obese..weird me. 298 more words


Spiced Miso Soup with Veggies & Soba Noodles

Mmmm Sobaaa, my favorite type of noodles! They’re made of buckwheat so they’re darker, more flavorful, and softer textured than your average noodle. They’re either served chilled with beans & eggs or in a hot broth soup like you see here. 300 more words

Food Love

Banana Nut Bread Pudding With Whiskey, Chai Caramel Sauce

Yes my friend, just soak it in. Is there anything better than a oozing dark caramel sauce? Yes, an oozing dark caramel sauce with booze! If you really want to treat yourself, or someone you clearly and deeply care about, this will definitely get the job done :P Enjoy this spiced, moist, bread pudding, with a caramel sauce that should be R-rated. 211 more words

Food Love

a day of cooking...

Howdy ya’ll!

Today I have tried some new recipes. Some from actual recipes and some in the way of my mother which means I thought stuff sounded good together, so I made up the recipe as I went along. 702 more words

Food Love

King, Prince and Pauper

Hello all, Hope you are well.

Sorry it has been a while since I have posted, but it has been one of those weeks. And I will tell you with all honesty that when I am stressed and have tons of stuff to do, eating right and taking care of myself like I know I should, is much harder to do. 664 more words

Food Love