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Everyone has them. Some are debilitating and life changers. Some are comparatively harmless.

I have an addiction that comes and goes. Sometimes I have complete control. 443 more words


Tips and Tools for a Healthy Diet

Eating a healthier diet is a goal that most people strive to achieve and regretfully, far too few take the time to place this simple health benefit into place. 595 more words

Healthy Living

Timing is Everything

I have to say, I’m a little bit excited.  It appears that my Paleo lifestyle has been perfectly timed with Allyson Gofton’s release of her own line of baking utensils and storage containers. 285 more words

Clean Living

The first challenge - the food cupboard

Wow….just wow!  How did I let my food cupboard come to this?  It is like someone has just collected random products and brands and squeezed them all into a small space, with no sense of food groups.  320 more words

Clean Living

Against the grain

This post is for all of us who are staying away from grains, by choice or necessity, for a while longer. Mostly, I hope to reassure the ones who are worried, or are tired of responding to the concerns of those around them, about… 614 more words

Mini-Unit: Nutrition

Interspersed throughout our science units, I teach health topics to address the health standards in my curriculum.  It is a strategy that works excellently around breaks, because most of my health lessons take just a day or two.   488 more words

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