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A World of Choclate

A world of adventure awaits

There were cows and holograms and history.

And an adventure land (see video below)

And interactive projections (great fun)

It’s not quite a disco. 49 more words

A Book Club Menu and Pecan Pralines

A couple weekends ago several of our gal friends got together for a book club dinner party.  We chose to read The Awakening by Kate Chopin.  198 more words


So good you can almost taste it: The best of food writing

The literature of food is as sprawling as the feast of tastes and textures that the world has to offer.

Not even the offerings of the world’s topnotch banquets combined can measure up to the volume of fictional and nonfictional storytelling straight from kitchens and dinner tables across time and space. 330 more words

Flavor of Writing

I’m going to speak metaphorically here in terms of writing as it relates to food. In this post,writers are cooks, the food is our books and the readers are our dining guests. 374 more words

The Next 1000 Miles

Mouthful Monday: Grapefruit Tea By Alice Munro

In Alice Munro’s story “Half a Grapefruit,” the character Flo believes that eating grapefruits for breakfast to be as bad as “drinking champagne.” I would not object to consuming either thing at any point during the day. 109 more words

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Mouthful Monday: Pear Cake by Yann Martel

Beatrice & Virgil, by Yann Martel (author of Life of Pi) is more or less a gorgeous, sensuous love letter to the pear (the fruit). 145 more words

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The Power of Memories- Food and Traveling

There is something fabulous and even miraculous about the act of eating. Savoring food is the one thing we do everyday that is direct and unmediated.

740 more words