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No Bullshit Health - Part Three

Right now I find myself in a small conundrum.  This is the fourth time I’ve started over on this particular article; not so much due to the quality of the content, but more the content itself. 1,627 more words


No Bullshit Health - Part Two

What’s up gang?

Hope you’re all well and the like (and that you’ve been getting your sweat on). Now that I’ve introduced myself and had a nitpick at some of the topics I’m going to cover, the point of the articles, et cetera, it’s time to get down to some CONTENT. 913 more words


No Bullshit Health - Part One

Hey everyone!

First off, I’d like to take the liberty of introducing myself; my name is Nerd Warrior and I’d like to thank the Lexxy No Hands crew for bringing me aboard. 1,047 more words


The Class Divide of the Gym

This is probably a post more suited to Matt Kite, but rather than health, nutrition or fitness advice it’s more of an observation.

I like to stay active. 937 more words


Thought For Food

There has been a joke doing the rounds on my social media for the last few days, it pokes fun at the Paleo diet. Two cavemen sit opposite each other, across a fire, one says “I’m thinking of converting to the 21st century diet, I hear they can live up to 100 years.” 620 more words

Food And Diet

Functional Fertility Foods: eating soy foods associated with higher IVF success rates

There are few topics as emotionally driven as food choices. For most of us, our dietary choices are guided mostly by our taste preferences, familiarity (think comfort foods) and convenience. 696 more words


Eating right - we think...

We are both those typical people who have knowledge of what’s good and what’s not but that’s not to say we don’t have plenty of room to learn more. 207 more words

Food And Diet