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To my future husband

Dear future husband,

There are a few things i you need to know. Some are embrassing and some are NEEDS. Either way these are the few pointers to take note. 624 more words

You know you're growing up when...

I’ve always been the airy fairy type. Head in the clouds sort of person! But in the last year I have definitely changed. I would almost say enhanced because growing up is a morphing stage. 375 more words


Hey Dolls,

I Hope you are all in the best of health.
So seriously I’m tired of this week already.. but bring on my three day weekend yaaaay! 31 more words



I wonder what it will be like when I no longer have to pull out my falling apart binder and open to page 394 while I attempt to make some sort of understanding of “I think therefore, I am.” I am curious to know what people do with this idea of “free time”. 265 more words