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Power Tripping in Your Thirties

Do you remember having a crazy boss when you were younger? Or being new to a job and feeling powerless and lost? Was there a time when you looked around at coworkers for advice and assistance? 364 more words


Over 200 followers since last night

Dear new (and older) followers,

Last night it was done: 

205 followers since last night.

Thank You very much for Your interest and faithfulness!

You`re welcome!

Inkor Pank

What do you want?

As a confirmed Babylon 5 fan, I discovered many layers of spiritual meaning in that erstwhile television series. The pertinent episode here, is the one where the agent for the Bad Guys, Mr Morten, visits the ambassadors of all of the different races that are represented on the ‘United Nations’ space station that is Babylon 5, and he asks them all one simple question: “What do you want?” 385 more words

Jesus Stands

Recently, I heard a message about the stoning of Stephen and all the details surrounding his strong display of faith.

I have read through this event many times before but today, God showed me the story in a completely new light. 923 more words

"We're the coachessssss."

^^^ Rachel Bullock, Coordinator for the TLF Phonathon ^^^

As some of you may know, I am the current student manager for the 2015 Tech Loyalty Fund Phonathon. 669 more words

The Risky City

If you’ve never been to Denver, Colorado, let me just start by saying, “YOU NEED TO GO.” I’ve spent the last few days in Denver, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful city. 920 more words

Spiritual Growth