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The Improved Shopping Experience

Picture this…

You walk into a store. For the purpose of this story, let’s pretend you’re shopping for pants because you need a new pair of khakis. 574 more words

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Yoga is for Everybody

Yes. Yoga is for everybody. This post might be more about yoga than leadership, but it all blends together, I promise!

I’ve only been to a handful of yoga classes, but I’ve incorporated a few poses and stretches into my routine since summer of 2014. 411 more words

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Influenced : To be or not to be?

I recently had the opportunity to take part in a survey being conducted by a gentleman working on his Master’s thesis. To put it simply, the topic of the survey and his study was influence. 358 more words

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2014: That's a wrap, people!

If you’re reading this, then you already know. You’ve made it another year! Great job! If you think that was just a cheesy hook to get you to read this post, you’re right. 358 more words

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Leader Spotlight: Bill Crawford, Team Mojo Foundation

If asked to describe the city of East Liverpool, Ohio, many people would likely use adjectives such as gross, empty, broken and sad. Well, compared to the booming pottery town that the city once was, those words aren’t far from the truth. 990 more words

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I am a man. I am a feminist.

This post will be unlike any other that I’ve written. To be more specific, this will be the first time that I weigh in on a national… 819 more words

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Leadership Skills for Cyclists

What do you get when you combine six men, bicycles and 50+ miles of bike trail? A weekend full of smooth riding, plenty of laughs and yes, … 526 more words

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