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Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 199) Forced Exhale

Still asleep and caught in a dream, Stephen looks up at the corner of the room he finds himself in. He sees the railing of a staircase and peering down through the slats are the blackest most sinister eyes he has ever seen. 133 more words


Esoteric Properties

In astrology, nettles belong to Mars. Urtification or scourging with nettles, brings the blood to the surface of the skin and causes a burning sensation. 1,298 more words


Parapsychology: can someone tell when someone is watching them?

According to parapsychologists, a commonly reported form of distant mental influence on human beings is “the feeling of being stared at,” which is closely related, historically, to the notion of the “evil eye.” Considerable folklore endorses the idea that gazing at someone carries special powers, favors, or influence. 336 more words

Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 198) Dream

“Where am I?” Stephen questions aloud from his slouched position in the chair as he falls into a deep yet restless dream state.

He sees an old photograph burning in the fireplace. 138 more words


Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains near Sydney are best viewed on a rainy misty day, in my opinion. Because that’s when they are magical and shrouded in mystery, with The Three Sisters playing peek-a-boo from behind the clouds. 166 more words


Paul Lewin

When viewing Paul Lewin‘s art, you are transported to a mythical world possibly set in New Orleans, the Caribbean or a remote village in Africa. 58 more words


Mella and the N'anga: An African Tale // Gail Nyoka


I am the N’anga. I am called by many names: wise woman, medicine woman, seer, conjurer.

Some say I am as old as the gods, and I will not tell you how many seasons I have walked this earth, nor how I have received my knowledge, which is deep and hot as the molten core of this earth, and high and wide as the stars and the sky.