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Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 241) Interactions

“Are you in need of my assistance with Tamas?” Stephen asks and there is a slight pause to their conversation before Laszlo speaks again.

“Yes, I am. 218 more words


When do we tell them about the apple-tree witch? by John Alwyine-Mosley

When do we tell them about the apple-tree witch?

The ghosts in the upstairs lav
saw the light-bulb as a cousin
so stayed all year round. 133 more words


Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 240) For The Day

“Ah, he’s happy to see you,” says Laszlo in a soft voice. “I hate to do this, especially now that you are staying here,” He looks up at the windows of the building as if he is afraid someone might be eavesdropping so he lowers his tone and says, “but I need a favor.” He looks in the door and glances around at the room and it is clear the old man is on edge. 205 more words


Folklore Snippets: Witchcraft

In the most recent installment of the Jack Hansard series (Episode 6: Cockermouth), Jack doesn’t encounter any new beasties, but he does spend his time hawking occult amulets and magic potions. 928 more words

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