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Forcing Element State in Dev Tools for Debugging CSS

css friday dev tools force state

JavaScript required to play css friday dev tools force state.

This tiny dev tools protip saved my life the other day. 133 more words


Refocus your Focus!

All of us have priorities, things we must focus on. Deadlines we must meet. But as we spend our days hyper focused on achieving whatever it is that is at the top of our to-do list…. 877 more words



Just facing Big Ben and Westminster by the river Thames.

Urban Architecture

Favorites | Corydalis solida

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By Gilles San Martin

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Card of the Day - 29/05/2015

King of Staves
Keep doing, only by doing can you change your world to what you desire it to be. Keep your focus by doing. 7 more words


A learning disability often makes for a more visionary, innovative CEO

After 20 years at the top of Silicon Valley, John Chambers is stepping down as CEO of Cisco. As a dyslexic in an unrelenting corporate world, Chambers had to overcome many obstacles. 1,689 more words

Drama Free

Drama is for the theater not your life. Protect yourself from those who do not know the difference.