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Plan A - Morgan Motor Company

Currently I have two ways to continue with this project. Morgan Motor company is the plan I wish to follow even though the previous images for this project will not be used it still demonstrates my theme rather well.  320 more words


Branding Analysis #4

Simonson Lumber and Hardware – Milos Milovanovic – https://www.behance.net/gallery/18473567/-Simonson-Lumber-Co

Simonson Lumber Company is a fourth generation family owned and operated building materials supplier and established the business in 1933. 438 more words


Start with what you have.

I don’t know why I was getting so worked up on Wednesday, I felt like I was hitting my head against a brick wall trying to work these dates out for my definitions. 249 more words



So far for this project the chosen location to photograph has been to small to create a large body of work. With the feedback i’ve received I could photograph a bicycle being manufactured each step at a time but I feel this will not be engaging enough for the viewer. 162 more words


Synopsis and cast calling

Michael is a children’s book illustrator who is suffering from depression from the recent separation of his marriage. In order for him to recover from his loss, he spends most of his time drawing out his perspective of the past with his ex-wife and how he thought it was perfect.


Branding Analysis #3

Coffee House London – Reynolds and Reyner – https://www.behance.net/gallery/11952729/Coffee-House-London-Brand-Identity

Coffee House London is a new brand launching in today’s market of coffee brands is very challenging and so creating a truly unique, high quality brand that stands out. 573 more words


And... Breathe

Time for a breather from FMP I think. The past few days have been occupied by making a fuller video covering Stop Spying. I think it’s a convincing pitch and makes this product look real. 101 more words