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This is a little bit of fluff I wrote for my Beastmen Warhammer Fantasy Battle army. I’ve only ever fought a couple of 500pt battles with them, but they’re great fun to paint and the models are full of character. 1,080 more words


[Writer's Block Therapy] 帰りたくなったよ/Kaeritakunatta yo

Written by: Light

Based on Ikimono gakari’s song with the same title (here)

A/N: Nerusin Divertimento, entah kenapa banyak banget hambatannya. Jadi pemanasan dulu lah, nulis yang pendek-pendek. 1,441 more words


Dominam Nostram

O’ Domina, with hair of strawberry
Fields in fullest bloom. We love you.
It may not be a love that is jovial or merry, 291 more words


[Drabble] Playlist: Chocolate Girl

Hear the song: Chocolate Girl – Xia Junsu


by: siluetjuliet | Drabble: ±195w | PlayList Series
casts: Yoon Bora (Sistar), Park Seo Joon (Actor)
 Rating… 246 more words

[Ficlet] Headache


H e a d a c h e

Red Scarlet story-line.

Starring Kim Jongin, and OC Crissabella Jo

PG-14 // Fluff, Romance, Drama, AU! 877 more words


Every Night

Every Night
a ficlet by plaidshirtjimkirk

Rating: T ☆ Word Count: 888 ☆ Read on WordPress

Summary/Prompt: Imagine Spock discovering spooning the first time he and Jim share a bed.

Rating: T


As an alumnus of Fresno State University, I can tell you that squirrels have personalities, senses of humor and a healthy sense of curiosity. Because Fresno State’s campus is an arboretum, I spent my five years of college on a campus that gave its resident squirrels enough food, water and materials to build nests. 110 more words