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The Greater Magickal Angels

The Greater Magickal Angels has been released and follows on from the popular Magickal Angels. It is a complete magickal system in its own right. You do not need to be familiar with the first book to get results. 133 more words



I spent the weekend at my parents’ house, with my Sis and BIL and my two Beautiful Nieces. 83 more words


In which I send love

…without measure and beyond reason.


F is for Flotsam

Float is a bit bland, but it did lead me to Flotsam, which will stand in for today’s word until further notice.

Flotsam is usually called to mind with jetsam. 95 more words

The Media Broth(el) Brimmeth Over while the Social Media Sings

The Indian media has come in for a lot of flak in recent times. In Left Liberal circles, this is mostly attributed to a spike in jingoism ever since Narendra Modi rode to power in Delhi. 1,106 more words