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Bird Migration at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

It’s been awhile, so I wanted to share some images I have of the wonderous end of a journey led by instinct for the birds that end up on a little parcel of land in Central Florida every year. 148 more words


How to Prevent Electrical Fires in Your Home

According to the National Fire Protection Association, electrical fires account for 13 percent of home fires. Although houses with old electrical wiring are at high risk, even a recently built home can have an electrical fire. 410 more words



As children we mark our years through milestones: Losing a tooth, growing an inch, learning to ride a bike, getting a driver’s license.

Adults, especially older ones, measure ours in appointments: Colonoscopy, mammogram, dental, vision, etc. 137 more words


Surviving the Winter in Tallahassee 

Nineteen days ’til spring.
Someone please tell the flowers
They have bloomed too soon

Four hundred plus hours
Winter’s hand stays in command
Do calendars lie? 58 more words


110 convicted sex offenders live in harmony in this small Florida town

Buried in the sugar cane fields of southern Florida, on the southeast corner of Lake Okeechobee, lies a small community called Miracle Village. Here, 52 pale duplexes once housed migrant workers. 1,021 more words

Caption This

It’s this little game I like to play when I’m running short on time but feel badly that I haven’t talked to you in a while. 146 more words