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lets go to 🏊the beach🌊 beach lets go🏄 get away

This is a bit of a late post, but I just wanted to put the information out there about my recent discovery of a beach near Florence. 224 more words


One more parade of photos:  some people are funny, some beautiful, some curious, other desperate, ugly, nervous,…

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Family & Florence

My youngest sister, her friend and my baby brother came to visit for spring break. Our first trip was to go to Florence. I had only been once before but not with the purpose of seeing all the sights. 75 more words


Italia III: Caught in the Tuscan Rain

I have a well-tested theory that loving a city in the rain is proof that you really love it, kind of like loving people even when they don’t return your texts automatically. 799 more words


Travel Talk #5: Quick Travel Tips - Food!

Eric and I love to eat out together when we travel. It’s been a major part of our trip plans since 2011, when we took a weekend trip to New York City together and planned the entire thing around our meals. 1,041 more words