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Time for a swim!

My princesses,

I know it’s already beginning of July , but there are still two hot, beautiful, romantic, care-free, amazing summer months. To be honest, three. 221 more words

Styles By Ele


Our fifth summer trend discussed during Beirut Designers week was about florals. I’ve personally always been a fan of florals. It’s girly thing to like floral prints and I guess more than fifty percent of women will like floral prints once at least once in their lifetime. 94 more words

"As far as I'm concerned leopard is a neutral"

Hey y’all! I thought about this for awhile, but I think I can offer some pretty sound advice. Shopping and styling for me is really all just instinct. 577 more words

Wardrobe Building

The Floralmobile

I drove a car full of flowers to Western Maryland today! Greta the Jetta, pictured above, was transformed into a mobile florist shop! With the help of Joan’s friends, Sharon and her daughter, Holly, we stuffed the car full of flowers for Jeana’s wedding tomorrow. 195 more words

Creative Projects

Flowers #252B

July 2, 2015

Spiderworts, whose botanical name is Tradescantia, are a genus of approximately seventy-five species of perennial plants in the Commelinaceae plant family. Named for the English naturalist, gardener and explorer John Tradescant the elder (1570-1638) who traveled to far away lands in search of foreign flowers, the plant gets its common name because when its stems are cut or broken it secrets mucilage that hardens into web-like threads. 513 more words


Bold Prints

I decided I was going to wear bold prints today. I bought these from Zara in Marbella and it was a big move for me because I thought I wouldn’t wear them. 59 more words


Oh my love how you are green (and red and white); starting and shifting

A thunderous rainstorm hit yesterday afternoon. This might be my most perfect kind of a day.

This is a totally gratuitous post that I wrote yesterday on Canada Day. 1,616 more words