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Goodnight Flower

Sometimes it’s fun to look at a flower from below.

The Underside, 3.3.15

Floral Photography

There ARE Downsides To My Walks

I had a nice five mile walk. BUT … well … when a guy rides by on his bike and says, “ Grandma.” and I look up what he said before the Grandma part and it’s the title of a song (or whatever it’s called) with sexually explicit words I’m not sure whether to be more upset about the sexually explicit part or the Grandma part. 17 more words

Floral Photography

First Shot: Pale Rose 3.3.15

My hair dresser lives in my neighborhood, and I was walking by her house when I spotted this rose. I guess I will be bringing her a card with this flower of hers on it when I return for another cut! 53 more words

Floral Photography

1 Year of Monochrome Madness - week 52

It’s been 52 weeks of Monochrome Madness fun with Leanne and Laura!!  Thank you both for the fun ride – the opportunity to meet so many wonderful bloggers and photographers – and the chance to participate in this wonderful challenge. 123 more words


"It's not a bed of roses" in London, UK

London, UK, images, “not a bed of roses”, “not a piece of cake”, “not a picnic”, no roses, environment, nature, creation, green spaces, parks, cemeteries, habitat, flora and fauna, thornbush, thorns 10 more words