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Symbiosis Or Saprophyte?

Growing over winter amongst the moss and lichen on the branch of a very old ornamental cherry tree these fungi tolerated rain, frost and snow. Since Spring has come they’ve disappeared completely and a wren is gathering up the moss for its nest. 19 more words


The Golden Gulmohar

As the summer heat rises

The yellow blooms appear as if by magic

Tiny enough to amass several in your hands

Several enough to set ablaze the tree… 69 more words


Hyeonchungsa Shrine, Korea

Last weekend, I wanted to go on a day trip.  On a budget.  And what does that mean?  That means take the subway to the last stop, and see what’s there.   858 more words

The May Basket

When I was a little girl, we made May baskets at school, which were usually a cone made out of construction paper with a paper strip looped on the back as a hanger. 736 more words


Ordinary Goddess.


I propose a revolution. Our leader will be the goddess of flowers from Roman mythology, Flora, whose name is still used today to describe plants indigenous to a specific region of Earth. 452 more words


Flora and Fauna Friday

A nurse log, rotting quietly by the path, giving life to the baby trees all around it.

Flora And Fauna