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Flintspired Writer: Lucifer Fulci/David Stashko

While some people can place a foot in two separate worlds, few can match writer Lucifer Fulci/David Stashko’s ability to thrive equally in each . At all times, Fulci/Stashko, resides in one realm as dark as evil itself, while basking in another that shines with the light of a life redeemed. 974 more words


Flintspired Writer: Paul Counelis

Musician, father and 37-year Flint resident, Paul Counelis casts an imposing presence amongst local writers. Part of a cabal of Genesee County horror film enthusiasts, sheer dread and terror factor significantly in his work. 766 more words


I've Been Flintspired!

I’m proud to be from Flint, Michigan! And when I think of my beloved hometown, I don’t see images of violence, poverty, and desolation … I see creativity, talent, and an undying dream to raise this city up to its shining promise. 167 more words