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Happiness? Future? What?

When did it become necessary to know what you want to do for the rest of your life at such a young age?
If it is not expected of you to know when you graduate high school it surely is when you are in college. 383 more words

The Sun Still Shines Above

I feel as though I’m living in some sort of surreal state at the moment.  There are days that go by when I am flying and everything is very real, yet very fleeting.  1,448 more words

Flight Attendant

Meet Our Newest Writer: Allan Stumpe

City: Salt Lake City

Allan, also known as Stumpe, is a dreamer. If you catch him daydreaming he is very likely dreaming of faraway places, outdoor adventures, or beer. 101 more words


Life in the Sky


I’m not really one to write about flight attendant life…one of the reasons being, it seems hard to explain. I received my bachelors in Managerial & Organizational Communication with a minor in Public Relations. 579 more words


Stockholm Syndrome

“Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors” 729 more words


African Experience: Lion Park

Had the opportunity to visit Johannesburg, the largest city in South Africa. While i was there, didn’t wanna miss the opportunity to visit interesting places. Mostly touristic and of course, some pictures. 148 more words