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A Pet Owner's Guide to Flea Control

  • Adult fleas are only part of the problem. Immature fleas (eggs and larvae) contribute to flea infestation, too.
  • Your pet does not have to go outside to get fleas.
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How do pest control firms work to curb pest infestations?

Pests are nasty intruders, who invade the space in your home or offices. There are a number of pests that can cause an infestation such as fleas, termites and rodents. 120 more words

Mosquitoes are Not the Only Pests Our Barrier Sprays Eliminate in Your Yard

Have you ever wondered if mosquitoes are the only pests we at Mosquito Squad of Victoria can eliminate from your yard? The answer is yes, our barrier spray is not effective only against mosquitoes. 189 more words

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Flea Season

While most of the country doesn’t have to deal with flea season until around May, us lucky Texans are leading into the season as we speak thanks to our easy winters. 768 more words


Quick Flea Control With Capstar For Dogs

Flea infestations can not only be annoying, but also dangerous for your dogs. The symptoms of flea infestation can vary from minor problems like scratching, itching, skin discomfort to serious flea allergy dermatitis in dogs. 561 more words

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Parasite Profile: Fleas

Life Cycle

Fleas are very common parasites in the Vancouver area. Most pet owners are only too aware of their presence! The adult flea spends most of its life on the animal, feeding on the animal’s blood and reproducing. 899 more words