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Starting the journey

Kanji is a nuisance. It pops up everwhere like a rash, an infection in our eyes that blinds us from proficiency. In my years of studying Japanese at university, I learned one thing: Kanji sucks. 935 more words


"Time Moves in One Direction, Memory in Another"

One of my college Latin professors insisted that it didn’t matter how smart you were, how good your memory was: when learning a new language, you need flashcards. 534 more words


Tuesday Tip: Exam Study Techniques

As college or high school students we sometimes get those hectic days where we think our world is going to fall apart and we believe we’re going to fail. 251 more words


3 creative study strategies to beat the flashcard blues

Studying is an essential part of any college student’s life — it can help you ace important exams, thoroughly understand class material and so on. Despite these benefits, many college students struggle to study consistently and frequently. 660 more words


日本語 Memory Palaces and Pitch Accents

I‘ve decided to organize my memory palaces for Japanese relatively simply.  I use memory palaces purely for facilitating getting difficult (for me) words into my long-term memory as quickly as possible.   477 more words


Revise with Studyblue

I have been playing round with some revision based activities recently for my Year 8 Science class and have used many online flash card websites over the years however I have been trying out one called… 259 more words