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Flashback Fridays: And She Didn't Get Married After All . . .

You’re a princess who’s going to marry a prince.  Until a dragon comes along and ruins everything you own and steals him away. Well you’re not going to let things stand, that’s for sure! 624 more words

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My birthday!!!

Went for a walk near the sea with the boys, enjoyed a milkshake while they took a nap and watched the sunset.

Jordan & I  143 more words

Flashback Fridays

The Brave Little Toaster

When I was a kid, my family used to have this tradition where we would (on Friday nights, I think) get either Chinese food or pizza and rent a movie. 1,369 more words

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The slumber party



This post originally appeared on May 22, 2013 

Suzie was its best advertisement…

Lady on left: “Wait. It has five speeds AND various attachments?!” 72 more words

Flashback Fridays

FBF: The Pagemaster

Welcome to our very first Flashback Friday! Because Lori and I are so super #hip, we decided to add Flashback Fridays so that we can relive our childhood, talk about memories, or just wish we had some toys. 511 more words


Flashback Fridays: Once Upon a Library

So, something different today.  It’s National Library Week and it’s got me thinking about what libraries mean to me, and have meant to me over the years. 1,140 more words

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Flashback Fridays: Putting my finger on it . . .

You’re a child with an amazing bit of magic.  You don’t quite have complete control over it–and can’t predict what it will do when you get angry, but when you use your finger to bespell someone, one thing’s for sure: they’ll never be the same again! 608 more words

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