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A consistant minute hum at the back of the head.
A sharp stingy monotone.
Innumerable questions.
Proportionate failures.
Disease for the mind,
Seizures for the soul. 23 more words


Three! (anthro-po-etry)

100 words

I stood on the edge of the square…
a lot of strangers were there…
I heard the echos of their grey talking about the weather… 530 more words


The jade for the Jane,
Cursed and polluted.
Yet beautifying.
Was the end of the days,
Forgiveness is forgotten,
Unbeknownst is the jade.
Kept within drawers and safes and walls once,
The foe is now misplaced.



Suppose you could

see the past for more than

a shade covering

memory like a veil –

what then?

Would you learn more


love more appropriately, 23 more words


Modern Day Eve

I am the most vulnerable
When he speaks to me
Sweet whispers turned into
Succulent caresses and defeat
Sighs met with soft strokes of
Soothing word I strain to hear… 27 more words

My Poetry


When you came in this morning,

dirt clinging to

the brim of your hat,

I reached up automatically and touched the brim of my own. 113 more words