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[Poll] Which Film Should Bede Watch For His 25th Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon?

Which bad film would you like to see Bede tackle next for his 25th edition of Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon? Vote in the poll below and whichever one gets the highest votes, he will live-tweet it! 12 more words



Anyone else remember the campy-yet-cool Flash Gordon movie from 1980? You know, the one with the really cool Queen music.

I do, anyway. And it has always had a special place in my childhood memories, because it was the first scifi movie I ever owned and could watch over and over again on my family’s brand new VCR (God, I’m dating myself!) . 481 more words

Graphic Novels

Flash... AHAH...

Between this and the guy’s Superman fan cartoons he did a while back, I think someone needs to give this guy a job running an animated series.


Saying Goodbye.....Ming The Merciless' Space ship

I loved Buster Crabbes “Flash Gordon” and in particular the Retro style Space ships of that era, amongst the first Sci fi ships ever dreamed up. 120 more words

Sci Fi

Ferrari designer creates a La Ferrari-inspired spaceship

Eventually, mankind will likely get tired of traveling from point A to B on Earth. When that happens, Ferrari has us covered.

Turns out, Ferrari design head Flavio Manzoni is a bit of a sci-fi geek. 212 more words


Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (1940)

In a world where everything and everyone has to have its own special day, there is no reason why there should not be a dedicated Star Wars Day. 378 more words

Internet Archive

Gordon's alive!?

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I feel the Flash Gordon universe has never been done right outside comics. As much as I enjoy the 1980 campy “Flash Gordon” I’m also aware it’s not a very good reflection of the characters. 490 more words