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Every March

March, 1999

Nick let Katie sit next to him on the bench seat, straddling the gear-shift, because he thought he loved her and because it drove him crazy to rest his arm against the skin of her thigh as he switched gears.  1,275 more words



I am well enough in body but sick at heart.


Napkins, Teacups, Ribbon

As soon as I saw this photo on the 1000words site, I knew the kind of story I wanted to write to go with it. I wanted to portray the ribbon of undercurrent that sometimes runs beneath a roomful of clinking teacups and coffee-morning smiles, and I wanted to do so from the perspective of a mother whose child doesn’t quite fit the high-flying, high-tea mould that the picture might suggest. 80 more words

Flash Fiction

Pound Cake

“A pound of pound cake, one pound!” the barker called from his little street stall.

“How much for two pounds of pound cake?” Louise asked. 361 more words

Short Story

A River Runs Through It

Norman MacLean wrote, A River Runs Through It, and set the landscape for writers to follow the flow. He wrote, “I am haunted by waters.” What is it about rivers that call to a person? 2,111 more words


And I'd Be Lying

Not much to say. I just have to write. Enjoy.

And I’d Be Lying

I walk in the door with a smile on my face after a successful night out. 524 more words

Creative Writing

Flash Fiction: Water Rat

The small, wooden boats lined the riverbank in a neat row exactly as Ken remembered, waiting for hire by visitors suddenly overcome with the urge to take to the water. 103 more words

Flash Fiction