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365 Themes Challenge: Memories

The only memories that I have are the memories of my life in the summer of 1987.

Those were the good memories that I had, seeing as the rest of my life went downhill on October 4, 1987. 227 more words

Short Story

Flashdogs 2015 Solstice Anthology

The second Flashdogs anthology is in the works. This one’s theme is Solstice, and it will contain the work of more than 30 writers of flash fiction from around the world, including me and my LCP partner… 78 more words


Bedtime Listening

A beep quickly rose in pitch, a glissando moving up out of the range of human hearing. For all Carry knew, it was still happening, somewhere in the 50,000 hertz range and going exponentially higher. 309 more words

Short Story

Through wooden bone and slate skin

A boy lives in the roof. He smells of slate and warm pigeon breasts on crisp winter mornings.

Stolen feathers prick his scalp instead of hair. 453 more words

Flash Fiction

Pensées in Pollux b Penitentiary

For Flash! Friday vol. 3-19, the prompt is a setting of a kitchen, along with the following public domain photo. For the A-to-Z Challenge, … 251 more words


Beach House - Short Story

Beach House

At the time, I worked a nine-to-five job as a bank teller. You know, standing there, waiting for the next guy to come in with a five-hundred dollar check. 5,679 more words

Transgressive Fiction

Girl Pimp - Flash Fiction

Girl Pimp

She’s super tall—some sort of black Amazon queen. She’s already told us her name’s Shirley Creel and that she’s a big fan of online shopping, that she got all her clothes at some real hip stores. 945 more words

Transgressive Fiction