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My first bra-making challenges (when I got it wrong)

I’m sure every woman has different bra fitting issues. Mine are mainly about non-existence: that I face trouble finding stores that stock a bra in my size here in Europe, or even in Asia for that matter. 957 more words

What I Made

Shorts! Pattern Runway Sweet Scalloped, that is.

I met my husband a little over eleven years ago. And eleven years ago this past week, we had a weekend date in Sedona, Arizona. We went hiking, and I wore shorts. 641 more words


How is It Possible That About 3/4 of Women Wear the Wrong Bra Size?

I’ve heard this statistic numerous time in some similar approximation ranging from about 70% to 80%, but it’s mind blowing to me no matter what end of that range one chooses. 956 more words


Simplicity Bow Blouse in Progress

At some point, one has to come out from behind muslin fitting and cut that fashion fabric!
I finaly did. Click on the images to see a better view regarding seams and such. 440 more words