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Back to Fit, Week 6, Day 14

This morning was exhausting! Starting at 7am we sprinted, skipped, tiger crawled and frog jumped until our thighs felt like jelly. In between there were plenty of push ups, planks and other brutally fun things to do. 77 more words


INSTAGRAM PHOTO by blacksailphysiques

http://ift.tt/1F2988h This Hamstring workout… well lets just say the fatigue set in right away and if the level of soreness 12 hrs later is any indication, the holiday weekend will be rough! 109 more words



I think it’s always important to establish your goals before you set out on any challenge. Not everyone wants, or can achieve the same body. I think a lot of girls want slender bodies, maybe a slightly toned stomach, thin legs, a perky bum. 137 more words


Day 1 Measurements and Photos: 22/05/15

I’m not really as prepared I would hope for these first measurements; my scales are out of battery, I’m using a tape measurer and so it doesn’t fluidly go around the body and I’m doing it myself. 97 more words


Fashion Friday | MOVEPRETTY

Running has come a long way for us ladies the past few decades, did you know that the 1st woman ran the Boston Marathon in 1967? 360 more words


Back to Fit, Week 6, Day 13

Thursday night’s session had a little bit of everything. In a circuit we did TRX, weights and cardio as well as using some of the gym machines. 255 more words


Lets talk cellulite...

So that was my transformation of my glutes, (of course its much than just glutes, it the hamstrings, quads, and all that other good legs stuff that we’ll get into another day).  287 more words