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X-Rays Increase Cancer Risk

X-Rays are known be human carcinogens and increase your risk of cancer.

When I was young and under 18 I would regularly attend to dentists and they would perform their procedures. 287 more words

Social Issues

Borrowing happiness from tomorrow

This fitness journey I’m on has some amazing highs. I have days when I feel strong, fit and healthy. Like everyone movement is progress. Yesterday was one such day, it was my day off but I was covering for someone, work went so quick,  I had some lovely customers and when one of my regulars said she was moving I decided to buy her a bottle of wine before she goes. 466 more words


Confidence is in overdrive

“How was your class?” The husband said.
“She made me do two different crucifixes and they were fucking unholy I tell ya” I tell him… 375 more words


How to Go About Meal Prepping

Meal prepping can be intimidating; especially for those who don’t cook. Honestly, don’t fret. It’s so easy, it’s such a time-saver, AND it helps you save money and waste! 581 more words


Fitness Progress Update: Week 1

Anyone else find it difficult to go back on a strict fitness diet after returning from vacation? How do you overcome it?

Let’s just say that it took me a long while and I’m now 100% DEDICATED. 262 more words


Pole Fitness Update

I’ve completed three pole fitness classes now. How’s it going? It’s like being in a new relationship. I just want to do it all the time, and learn more about it. 1,141 more words